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Whether you are working on creative writing, your organization's mission statement, or the narrative for your project, every form or genre has its conventions, yet also needs to tell a story that is coherent and engaging. I work with you to develop your ideas, keep them relevant and meaningful, while staying within the constraints of form, length and time frame.

About me





Working with people to achieve their goals is my life-long passion. As a writer, translator, teacher, and social activist, language, literature, and writing are the tools I use to encourage others to develop their ideas, forms of expression and projects. I have enjoyed sharing my knowledge and skills ever since I can remember.


I am a patient and caring professional with an MA in Spanish Literature from the Department of Languages, Linguistics and Comparative Literature (LLCL) at Florida Atlantic University (FAU), a Translation Certificate from Florida International University (FIU), and a BA from Hunter College, CUNY, NY. I am a certified (CRLA ITTPC) writing consultant at the FAU University Center for Excellence in Writing (UCEW).

Originally from Queens, NYC, I am a native English speaker with near native fluency in Spanish. Currently located in South Florida, I also have a long-standing relationship with Paraguay where I worked with international and local NGOs in the area of human rights and women's rights. Along with administrative and programmatic roles, including grant writing, I also worked freelance doing translations from Spanish to English for many organizations and artists.

Other interests of mine are: documentary film production, traveling, food (cooking and eating), knitting, walking through city streets and sitting on balconies.


I have a facility for working with adult writers at any level. My goal is always to make the writer feel comfortable and help them connect to the subject and task at hand. There are no dead ends. Together we can always find a way to resolve any issues that arise. More importantly, collaborating is fun and the best way to achieve the best outcome.

Let's Connect

I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities.

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